About Us

Cyberight Capital is an alternative investment institution. Discover the true potential points of the industry by changing roles. Respect for people and technology.

Focus on Humanist

The original intention of the entrepreneurs is worthy of attention and being verified. Technology is for the advancement of human society.

Technology Driven

Blockchain is changing the relations of production and bringing paradigm shift for society. It is crucial to be a partner with developers.

Independent Thinking

GEEK & PUNK will bring the original impetus of innovation, instead of just following behind people, we define the future world by constantly colliding ideas and codes.


Team & Investment Methodology


Investment Team

A team of over 10 investment analysts from Wall Street/Silicon Valley/Crypto community



Participate in more than 30 hackathon events a year



Test runs of over 40 project test network nodes


Technology Think Tank

A technical community analysis group of over 100 people.